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Troubadour Films - Mario Benjamin

Mario Benjamin 2008  53’

Mario Benjamin

In Haiti, his country, Mario Benjamin is the leader of the Contemporary Art. Invited to take part in major events like the Biennial of Venice, Kwangju, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and various prestigious exhibitions in the United States, he acquired an international stature. But who knows him apart from the small milieu of professionals?

The Western media are ethnocentric like the market of art. This fi lm explores his powerful, magical, and disturbing works. His house is a Baroque Installation that recalls his artistic course and introduces us into his inner world. Besides his singular talent, Mario Benjamin has another characteristic: Manic depression. During his fi ts, he reaches perceptions that some artists seek by the use of drugs. Around an exhibition which took place in Portau- Prince in June 2008, this charismatic man shares his thoughts with us, on his work, the art and the diffi culty in being an artist in a Third World country.

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  • Production
  • Technical

Original Language
English / Français
Vidéo 16/9 Colour / DVCAM / Beta digital
Type & Running time
Feature Documentary – 53'
Year of production
Country of production

Directed by
Irène Lichtenstein
Produced by
Nasser Bakhti
Troubadour Films - Geneva
Assistant Director
Bayard Jean Bernard
Production secretary
Inès Abeya

Aldo Mugnier

Enel François
Jeanetta Ionesco
Video Animation & Titles
Gaël Métroz
Graphic design
Gaël Métroz
Sound design & Mix
Denis Séchaud - Studio Masé
Colour Correction
Gaël Métroz
Troubadour Distribution

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