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Troubadour Films - Iraqi Kurdistan, democracy challenges

Iraqi Kurdistan, democracy challenges 2015  90’

Kurdistan d’Irak, les défis de la démocratie

For the first time in their turbulent history, the Iraqi Kurds are no longer oppressed by the former regime of Baghdad and are able to handle their lives independently. Some four million Kurds live in the autonomous “Kurd region” which covers a region between the Syrian and the Iranian border.

Nazand, a Kurdish woman, returns home after twenty-two years of exile. This woman is about to find her roots again and to awaken painful memories. A journey in time blending childhood memories and traces of the history of a region and a people that has set itself the formidable task of establishing a democracy and federalism based on the Swiss model. But at what price?

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Original Language
English / Deutsch / Italiano
Vidéo 16/9 Colour / HDCAM / Beta digital / DCP
Type & Running time
Feature Documentary - 90
Year of production 
Country of production 

Nasser Bakhti
Directed by
Nasser Bakhti & Giawdat Sofi
Produced by
Nasser Bakhti
Troubadour Films – Geneva
Production Assistant
Laure Bonvin
Production secretary
Inès Abeya

Laurent Egli
Jürg Lempen
Béatrice Bakhti
Video Animation & Titles
Julien Dumoulin – studio Troubadour Films
Sound design & Mix
Jürg Lempen
Colour correction
Eung-Song Lee, Kontrastmedia
Troubadour Films