Farewell my Mountain 2003  56’

Farewell my Mountain

Robert Guillet lived its fifty-fourth season on the alp. Victim of speculation, the alpine cheesemaker became a landless peasant.

He has neither field nor cattle to leave to his son Benoît. Shooting for more than a year alongside the Guillet family, Hugh Wurstemberger and Didier Schmutz with “Farewell my Mountain” offer a reflection on the future of the of the Alpine peasants.

Beyond the tragic fate of alpine cheesemaker and his family, a question emerges: is there still a future for mountain farming?

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Original Language
English / Deutsch / Italiano/Spanish
Vidéo 4/3 Colour / Beta digital
Type & Running time
Documentary 56'
Year of production 
Country of production 

Directed by

Hugues de Wurstemberger / Didier Schmutz
Produced by
Nasser Bakhti
Troubadour Films - Geneva
Radio Télévision Suisse
Télévision Suisse Romande - 
Unité de Films Documentaires (TSR)
TSR - Irène Challand / Pierre Biner
ARTE G.E.I.E unité documentaire,
Claudia Bucher
Production Assistant
Muriel Barbey
Production secretary
Inès Abeya


Christian Jacquenod,
Hugues de Wurstemberger,
Christophe Hurfer
Bernard Seidler
Daniel Gibel
editing, sound design & Mix
François Wolf
Troubadour Films


  Press review


  •  Grand Prize for Best Documentary Film in Grenoble’s ixth Pastoralismes Film Festival France in 2004
  •  Grand Prize for Best Documentary Film in Tbilisi Mountain, Adventure and Extreme Film Festival 2005 in Georgia
  •  Best sound Tbilisi Mountain, Adventure and Extreme Film Festival 2005 in Georgia

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